Remote Proctored Pilot Survey
FMC Remote Proctored Pilot Survey

Food Managers Certification would like to make your next experience with us even better. You can help us do this by taking a few minutes to take our survey.

Account Creation
* How would you rate the difficulty of creating your account?
* Did you find the website navigation easy to use?
Redeeming Code
* Did you have any trouble redeeming your Access code and Pass key?
* Did the website provide enough information regarding the remote proctored examination?
* Were the examination instructions clear and understandable?
Remote Proctor Setup
* Have you ever used a remote proctoring service before?
* Was the information sent from ProctorExam easy to understand?
* How would you rate the difficulty of performing the system check?
* Did the proctor communicate with you?
* Were you able to move through the exam easily?
* How could we have made your examination experience better?