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We are looking for Certified Food Protection Managers (CFPM) to help us pilot / beta our Exams for ANAB-CFP accreditation.

This will help Food Managers Certification (FMC) to become an affordable alternative for your proctored Certified Food Protection Manager Certification.   Sign up below!

Food Managers Piloting Application

Please complete the information requested below to be considered as an eligible candidate to take the Food Managers Certification pilot examination. After we have reviewed your qualifications, we will contact you if approved, and send you the information you will need to schedule your in-person appointment with Prometric or Remote Proctor session to pilot the exam.

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  • Are you planning to take a Food Manager exam for the first time after taking this Pilot Food Manager exam?

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Help Us Pilot Our CFPM Exam!

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Food Managers Certification (FMC) CFPM pilot examination!

In our efforts to provide a high quality exam, we are needing participants to pilot our exam content. There are only 75 questions within each exam-set.

Each person who elects to participate in this piloting process by taking and completing the FMC CFPM Pilot Exam will be entered into a drawing to win one (1) of four (4) $1,000 gift cards.

Each unique exam completed earns one prize draw entry.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have participated before you will need to sign up again to participate.

There are four gift cards worth $1000 each to be won.

We are reaching out to select food safety professionals and asking that you take a "trial" food safety exam. This process is called "piloting" and is very important as it allows FMC to gather statistical information on each exam and exam items. We need you to answer each question and provide your feedback so that we can determine whether the questions are fair, accurate, and test important food safety concepts (the knowledge that is needed to keep food safe). We will use your answers to identify difficult questions, and your feedback will help us create a better test. If you feel a question is a trick question we need to know. If a question tests content that is inaccurate we need to know that too. 

Our goal is create a food safety exam that tests just that FOOD SAFETY

We are seeking Certified Food Protection Managers to participate in piloting new FMC examination items as part of the process of applying for ANAB-CFP accreditation.

This is for exam and question piloting only.

No score or certificate will be issued on completion.

The exam will be administered via Remote Proctoring through Prometric ProProctor or at a Prometric testing facility.

Participants receive One entry to win a $1000 gift card for each unique exam you complete helping us pilot.

Before you can pilot the exam, you will need to complete the online application to verify you meet the requirements needed for piloting.

If you, or someone you know, are a Certified Food Protection Manager and would like to participate in the exam piloting then please apply and share this page.