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How do I manage my bulk order?

Managing Your Bulk Order
To manage your bulk order account:

  • Sign into your account.
  • Select Bulk Purchases from the menu.
  • Click View Orders next to How it works. You can also access your bulk order by clicking Me in the menu and then selecting My purchases.
  • Your bulk order will appear under Purchases.
  • Click on your bulk order. This will open and display your bulk order details, payment information, Management Sharing and Access Codes.

Order Details
Order Details displays your Bulk order purchase number, date of purchase, purchase location, quantity of codes purchased and the proctor key associated with the bulk order.

Payment information
Payment information displays the purchase cost, method of payment, status of purchase and the purchaser's name and address.

Management sharing
Management sharing allows the purchaser of a bulk order to share the bulk order with other managers to help meet their examination needs.  It's easy to share a bulk order. 

  • After making a bulk purchase, view the bulk order details.
  • Scroll down to Management sharing.
  • Enter the email address of the person to share the order with. 
  • Click the Share button.
  • If you want to unShare the order, simply click the X next to the person's email.

Access Codes
The Access codes area displays your bulk order access code information. The code information will include the code number, date the code expires, the status of the code (Available, Redeemed, Expired), and the name and email address of the employee the code was issued to.

Within the Access Codes list area you can also email codes to your employees by:

  • Clicking the mail icon on the far right.
  • Enter the employee's email and click the Send button.
  • After an employee redeems their code, their name will appear under Redeemed By.
  • Once your employee has successfully completed their examination, the mail icon will change to a print icon that will allow you to view / print your employee's certificate of completion.
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