Become an FMC Approved Proctor! | Food Managers Certification
Become an FMC Approved Proctor!
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EduClasses® dba Food Managers Certificaton, FMC, is looking for experienced professionals who are interested in becoming approved FMC Proctors for administering the FMC Certified Food Protection Manager Examination to individuals seeking a CFPM certification.

The steps to becoming an approved FMC EduProctor are as follows:

  1. Complete the Proctor Application
  2. Create your account
  3. Take the proctor training
  4. Successfully pass the Proctor assessment
  5. Sign agreements
    • Non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement
    • Code of Conduct/Performance agreement
  6. Receive your FMC Approved Proctor certificate  

As an approved FMC EduProctor, your responsibilities would include the following:

  • Organize and administer all exam location activities and procedures to ensure secure, standardized examination administration.
  • Treat all examinees in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Ensure there is one approved proctor per every 30 examinee candidates and/or per exam room when more than one exam room is needed.
  • Perform Pre-exam Security.
  • Read Candidate Script to examinees.
  • Answer pre-exam questions examinees may have.
  • Launch candidate examination.
  • Maintain exam security by circulating throughout the testing facility during the examination.
  • Report any examination security breaches and cooperate with FMC regarding any security related inquires.
  • Contact FMC Support to correct any technical issues experienced during the examination process.
  • Log examinees off exam system and close testing website.

If you are interested in becoming an approved Food Managers Certification EduProctor then please complete the Proctor Application and one of our representatives will be in touch.

EduProctor Inquiry

EduClasses is seeking Proctors who may be interested in proctoring our new Food Managers Certification (FMC) CFPM examination that is currently in accreditation application with ANAB-CFP for CFPM accreditation.

If you would like to learn more on becoming a Proctor for FMC, then please fill out the feedback form below.

  • Do you have experience with proctoring examinations?

  • Do you have a facility to proctor candidates?

  • Are you a corporate proctor?

  • Are you at least 19 years of age?

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