How do I issue Access Codes to my candidates?

View Bulk Purchase Order

To issue Access Codes to your candidates after purchasing a bulk order:

  • First, simply sign into your account.
  • Select Bulk Purchases from the menu.
  • Then click View Orders next to How it works.  Your bulk order will also appear under Purchases.
  • Next, click on your bulk order. This will open and display your bulk order details, payment information, Management Sharing and Access Codes.

Important hint:  Management Sharing allows you to share your bulk order with other managers to allow for them to issue Access Codes to their candidates.

Issue Access Codes

Under Access Codes you will find your Access Codes purchased from your bulk order including the code expiration, code status, who the code was redeemed by and an option to email codes to your candidates.

To issue a code to your candidate:

  • Click on the envelope next to the code you wish to use. A window will open to allow you to email the Access Code to the candidate.

Candidates Redeeming Access Codes
Access Codes can only be redeemed at the testing facility when they are ready to begin the Proctored Examination. In order for your candidates to redeem their examination purchased from your bulk order, they will need to:

  • Create an account on the same website you purchased your bulk order through.
  • After their account has been created, they will redeem the access code at the proctored testing facility to begin their examination.