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Proctor Application
FMC Examination Proctor Application

To administer the Food Managers Certification (FMC) Food Manager Examination you must apply to receive the Food Managers Certification (FMC) Approved Proctor designation by completing this application. FMC keeps all Proctor applications on file permanently.

Please complete the information requested below and confirm your acceptance of the Proctor Code of Conduct Agreement to apply to become an approved Proctor.

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Must take the Food Managers Certification (FMC) Proctor Training.
  2. Must take and pass the Food Managers Certification (FMC) Proctor Exam.
  3. Must be at least 19 years of age.

After we have reviewed your qualifications, we will contact you if approved and send you information to take the Proctor Training and exam.

  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • Do you have a facility with internet access and computers that you can conduct proctoring?

  • Brand and Logo Usage Consent Agreement
  • Resume
    Please email an up to date resume to
  • References
    Please provide contact information for three (3) individuals you have known for a minimum of one (1) year that we may contact:
  • Proctor Code of Conduct Agreement
    The Proctor Code of Conduct terms outlined in this agreement are intended to ensure a professional, consistent and fair delivery of the Food Managers Certification (FMC) examination including compliance with the policies and procedures related to the FMC Examination. Please read the following terms carefully. By accepting these terms, you, and/or as applicable, your company agree to follow all terms listed herein as an Approved FMC Examination Proctor.
  • Ethics
    • I agree to act in an ethical manner at all times. Any instances of impropriety or misconduct in regards to FMC policies or examination administration will result in immediate revocation of FMC Proctoring certification and examination administrative responsibilities.
    • I attest I will perform my duties in an ethical manner by treating all candidates with respect, honesty and fairness while upholding the integrity of FMC and their affiliates.
    • I will in no way make any claim guarantying passing the FMC examination, nor will I work with any person or organization who makes such claims.
  • Security
    • I agree to maintain security and confidentiality of all FMC intellectual property, including examination content and processes.
    • I agree to report any breaches of security that may have occurred at any time during the examination process to allow FMC the opportunity to investigate any reported allegations.
  • Exam Administration
    • I have read the FMC Examination Administration Manual, including examination policies and procedures and agree to abide by them. Violation of the Examination Administration Manual or the policies there in will result in my suspension as a Proctor.
    • I agree to administer the examination in accordance with local regulatory authorities’ guidelines, as well as those outlined by FMC policy.
  • General
    • I understand that as an FMC Approved Proctor, I act as a 3rd party independent contractor and as such am not restricted by other employment affiliations.
    • I understand communications between FMC and myself may be via email, U.S postal service, or phone.
    • I understand that FMC reserves the right to audit any examination session administered by the Proctor without advance notice to assure guidelines outlined in the Examination Administration Manual and policies are being followed.
    • I authorize FMC to contact any individuals listed as a reference that the proctor has known for a minimum of one year for purposes of establishing qualifications to approve proctoring of the FMC examination.
    • I am aware that my status in regards to being approved or unapproved may be shared with FMC affiliates, transferees and assignees.
    • I agree to only use my legally recognized name as presented on the agreement application when acting as an FMC Approved Proctor. No alias name of any kind may be used.
    • I understand I must recertify every three years by retaking the Proctor training and assessment, as well as renewing all contracts and agreements required to continue as an Approved FMC Proctor.
    • I agree to hold FMC and affiliates harmless for liability due to actions taken by myself as the Proctor or others who are under my direct control as the Proctor during the proctored examination.
    • I understand I am required to carry and maintain business liability and other insurances in sufficient amounts to cover my obligations as an Approved FMC Proctor and evidence of insurance must be provided upon request.
  • Trademark & Copyright
    • I understand that I may not use any trademark or copyrighted content of FMC or any other DSB brands or trademarks without the explicit written permission from FMC.
    • I agree that the exclusive property of FMC includes all confidential documentation, examination items and processes, and shall remain so.
  • Proctor Restrictions
    • I understand that I am not permitted to administer an examination to any person that may result in a conflict of interest.
    • I understand I am restricted from viewing, revealing or duplicating the examination without prior express written permission from FMC.
  • Proctor Violations
    • I understand that any violation of agreements or guidelines of the Examination Administration Manual may result in the following penalties; warning with probation, suspension of Proctor credentials, civil or criminal action as deemed appropriate by FMC.
    • I understand that FMC regularly analyzes data collected from examinations to identify irregularities that could be possible cheating or security breaches and any such irregularities are investigated by FMC. If FMC finds me to be potentially involved with a case of cheating or security breach, I will be found in breach of contract and face suspension of Proctor credentials and civil or criminal action as deemed appropriate by FMC.
    • I am aware that FMC reserves the right to, without notice, to notify third parties including government, health regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions and examination candidates of actions taken by FMC against myself for penalties occurred and releases FMC from any legal action.
  • Confidentiality
    • I acknowledge that all candidate personal information is confidential and as such shall be protected at all times. Utilization or disclosure of said information is restricted unless officially requested for law enforcement purposes.
    • I understand I may be held liable for damages as a result of exposing any candidate information to anyone other than the candidate, the examinees sponsoring organization or local regulatory authority.
    • I agree to keep confidential any information regarding candidates who require special accommodations, including persons assisting the candidate in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Failure to uphold this obligation may result in liability for damages as well as suspension of the Proctor or other actions at the discretion of FMC.
    • I am aware that only FMC and health and regulatory agencies are authorized to distribute examination scores and certificates to examinees. All examinee scores are held in strict confidentiality.
    • I agree that any litigation brought forth from myself, or services provided by myself as Proctor, shall be governed in accordance with, and enforced solely in the State of Texas regardless to personal jurisdiction Proctor may reside.
  • If you accept the terms and conditions outlined in the Proctor Code of Conduct Agreement above, please enter or sign your name in the box below:
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